knee painWhat is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that has a brutal impact on the joints. A report said close to 30 million Americans are affected Osteoarthritis. Most joints of our body are prone to this chronic condition. However, a few joints like- knee, hip, lower hip/back, neck, finger joints, thumb and toe joints are highly vulnerable to this chronic condition. Joint as the word suggests, is a substance that joins two things and ensures smoother movement. In the body, cartilage plays the role of the joint and connects two ends of the body part. It also allows for smooth and flexible movement for our day to day activities. Osteoarthritis causes a cartilage breakdown which results in symptoms such as pain, swelling, inability to move joint regions freely, etc.

The biggest catch of the chronic syndrome is that it just worsens, as you age. As bones weaken with your age, they may break down and might well hang around the joint causing furthermore pain and problems. The natural tendency of the body, which is also an inflammatory process to produce certain enzymes and proteins that eventually damage the cartilages make the matter worst. The final stages of Osteoarthritis can be worse. The cartilage just disappears and the bones interact with each other, resulting in unbearable pain and discomfort.

How do Osteoarthritis develop?

Osteoarthritis is generally associated with older people. A report suggested that people beyond 55 years of age are vulnerable to Osteoarthritis. The age distinction was same for men and women. This means Osteoarthritis is not biased to any gender as such. The other reason for osteoarthritis may be that it has been grand-fathered or inherited. There are many scenarios in the United States where everyone in the family is affected by osteoarthritis. This chronic condition is seen, as early as in the late 20’s for such individuals.

Injuries might also be one of the severest reasons for this condition. Bleeding near the joint can lead to cartilage damage and this simple condition might develop into a complex one in a matter of a few years. If you are a sports person, you are vulnerable to ligament tear, fractures and dislocation of joints. Minor neglected joint injuries can also be chronic in the long run. Sports injuries should never be neglected. The type of work you carry out is also an important consideration for osteoarthritis to develop. If you are in the industry, which involves labor, squatting, kneeling, etc., you are extremely vulnerable too. This relates to over-use of your joints on a consistent basis, which results into chronic disorders.

The other side of the coin is when you haven’t used the joints, too often. If you are overweight and maintain significant distance from exercises, joint movements, etc., you are bound to make your body stiff. Obese and over-weight individuals contribute to at least 50% of the 30 million count in America. Excessive body weight puts a lot more stress on the joints resulting in chronic problems like Osteoarthritis.

Some reasons for the development of this chronic illness is uncontrollable. However, most of them are controllable and one should always try to control such aspects and avoid/prevent Osteoarthritis.

BIM A supports health condition of osteoarthritis

Through research & development is can be shown that TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-17 cause inflammation. The health supplement BIM A is scientifically proven to reduce the production of these inflammatory mediators. The BIM A capsules also have been proven to increase collagen and cartilage growth when taken regularly (reviews & clinical studies have proven this).

Controlled clinical trials

Volunteers who took 4 BIM A capsules per day for 15 days showed a decrease of TNF-a, IL-6, and IL-17 which lowers the severity of inflammation and is a remedy for osteoarthritis health condition.

bim a effects on osteoarthritis