What is office syndrome?

Office syndrome is a common physical and psychological disorders in the modern world. People often complain about their back, especially the hip region and have a list of other complaints too. Complaints of improper sleep, body pain, pain in the joint area, weird behavioral changes, etc., are visible sites of office syndrome. The age group affected by office syndrome is the younger generation. Office syndrome in peak severity can result in paralysis.

People between the age group of 16 to 40 years are most vulnerable to office syndrome. In fact, a report suggested that close to 55% people in the age group are infected by office syndrome. The severity, however, was unknown. A few complained about minor office syndromes while others complained severe problems even like dislocation of the hip disc. Office syndrome does not target any body part particularly and hence, it can be even more dangerous. Even lack of eyesight can be associated with office syndrome.

How does office syndrome develop?

As the name suggests, office could be the reason behind office syndrome. When working for long hours even traditionally for 8-9 hours, an individual is stationed in one place for longer periods of time. Also, the fact that you might be crouching on your chair for such long hours makes things even worse. People get used to the height, objects at a fixed place/height in the cubicle or pedestal. The leg positions, sitting posture, etc., for as-long-as 8-9 hours are not recommended. Most workaholic people in the office are seen glued to their laptops or computers in inappropriate sitting postures. This can lead to severe back related problems such as a dislocated spinal disc. Some problems related to the back, especially dislocated hip/spinal disc can remain permanent and never be resolved. Hence, maintaining the right posture while working is very-very important.

The second common aspect of office syndrome is eyesight. Weak eyesight even before attaining age of 25 years has become quite common for a few young office-going people. Since, most people are glued into the screens of their laptops and computers, eyesight related problems are bound to occur. Experts suggest people use power glasses within 1.5 years to 2 years of joining a corporate. They had normally need at least 2 decades traditionally for glasses otherwise. Paralysis can be associated with office syndrome. This is a rare phenomenon, but can be a possibility today or in the future, especially because of the work lifestyle we host. A small initiation to paralysis can be termed as misalignment of one side of the body. It is referred to as ‘Scoliosis’ in medical terms. Due to inappropriate body postures, long hours of working without stretching, moving around, etc., there is a risk of misalignment of body parts. Apart from this, lack of sleep, stress, mental imbalance, etc., are also some behavioral changes that could be observed because of office syndrome.

Office syndrome is a serious issue and it develops at the work place. It is important to give health preference over work, or our rewards, success stories, money, etc., will be extremely short-lived.