What is gout?

Gout is a condition of pain in the joints. To distinguish gout a bit for clearly compared to other chronic conditions, it occurs, large on the toes and the severe pain is accompanied by visible redness. This chronic condition or stage is however more common in men compared to women. It can also occur in women after menopause. The average age, per a report, for menopause is 51 years.

Gout can be termed as a slow poison as it takes close to a decade for the disease to advance to the next stage. The study that estimated a decade for advancement also confirmed that this happened when no medicines or treatment were used. So, if gout is spotted early, treatment can not only help in curing (to an extent) but if not can at least delay the advancement to control pain and other severe discomforts.

A report confirmed that around 3 million people in America are or were affected by Gout. Apart from the big toe, gout can cause problems with joints and kidneys. In fact, the damage caused to kidneys and joints could never be healed, over a time span. They could have permanently lasting effect. This makes gout a very dangerous inflammatory arthritis.

How does gout develop?

Gout is a result of excess uric acid. When the blood has more than allowable content of uric acid, there are more chances of gout being developed. Purines, which is found in poultry items, meat and seafood is the source of  uric acid. The body breaks down purines in uric acid as a normal digestion process. Uric acid is a waste which is excreted via the kidneys in the form urine. Before excretion, uric acid is dissolved in blood. If the digestion process results in negligible or excess amounts of uric acid, it becomes difficult for the body to excrete them. The uric acid content in blood form crystals which are shaped like a needle to trigger pain, inflammation, etc., to the joints. In the process, they also harm surrounding tissues.

Gout can develop due to various factors. Genetically gout depends on the family history. If parents, grandparents or rather ancestors have been associated with gout, it is highly possible that the same genetics are transferred or passed to future generations. Too much exposure or consumption of lead can also lead to gout. It is skeptical, but still some reports suggest chemical components like ‘lead’ can cause chronic conditions like gout. Some medicines can increase uric acid content in the body. Many people have complained about gout after consistent or long usage of medicines that increase uric acid in the body.

Weight is another important factor that influences almost all joints related conditions. Higher quantum of uric acid is released in the body due to the increased tissue turnovers. Fat cells also produce something called cytokines, which is an inflammatory product harmful for joints. Other health problems, especially the ones associated with kidneys, high blood pressure, etc., might also eventually lead to gout.

BIM A supports health condition of Gout

Through research & development, it can be shown that TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-17 cause inflammation which in turns causes gout. The health supplement BIM A is scientifically proven to reduce the production of these inflammatory mediators. The BIM A capsules also have been proven to increase collagen and cartilage growth when taken regularly (reviews & clinical studies have proven this).

Controlled clinical trials

Volunteers who took 4 BIM A capsules per day for 15 days showed a decrease of TNF-a, IL-6, and IL-17 which lowers the severity of inflammation, which is related to the gout health condition.

bim a effects on gout

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